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Reasons Why People Choose Woodcarving as a Hobby

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You must have heard what carved wood is, or maybe you have seen videos of people woodcarving and want to try your hand at it. Woodcarving refers to the process of carving wood with knives and chisels and various tools to create artifacts. Wood carving has a long history and has been practiced since ancient China. With the development of time, wood carving is no longer a niche hobby. Ordinary people can also create lovely wood carvings perhaps a certain cute animal ornament or maybe a beautifully crafted hanging plaque by learning online. Here are a few reasons why wood carving is widely loved, let's understand what exactly is the charm of wood carving and why it has been passed on and developed.


Wood carving is relaxing

In the pursuit of high efficiency and fast living nowadays, people want to be very much like having some time completely to themselves. Wood carving has a kind of magic that makes people come down carefully, which is irresistible. When making a wood carving, the carver needs to be fully focused, their concentration is so high that the carving in their hands is the only thing they are looking at. When the tired brain only needs to think about one thing and that is how to carve this piece of work, our brain is no longer troubled by the work and the minutiae of life but can get a moment of quiet and rest. Perhaps that's why wood carving is loved by so many.

A great sense of fulfillment

People love to see an object come to life through the work of their hands. If you ask a carver what their joy is, what you will hear is that they have made several lovely or useful ornaments or objects using a piece of wood or a twig picked up from a creek. It is fascinating in itself to see how objects that can be found everywhere in our lives and even considered useless are given new functions and meanings under the hands of a carver. Turning everyday ordinary and seemingly useless things into treasures and even making them loved is one of the reasons why wood carving is so satisfying. Proving your creativity is very fulfilling!

Possibilities and uniqueness

As you know, handmade wood carving creates a work of art that is unique in the world, and even you will not be able to carve exactly the same piece again. Therefore, wood carving is unique. Because the finished carving is unique, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art gives a tremendous sense of accomplishment. The knowledge of wooden carving is so rich that the carver can explore the ocean of knowledge indefinitely but cannot learn it all. There is always so much uncertainty waiting to be explored in woodcarving, and you can't predict the effect of each carving knife stroke. It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next one will taste like until you try it. Maybe the last time you carve you made a mistake, then the next time you carve you may find a new way to create your piece, there is no end to learning.

Practical and beautiful at the same time

It is possible for wood carving to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It can harmonize the two. There are many types of carved items. Carved everyday items such as chopsticks, spoons, chairs, necklaces, etc., they are both beautiful and can be put into use in the family to play the value of use. There are also more ornamental and entertaining objects that can be carved, such as artifacts, which can be relaxing and add some decoration to the house at the same time. The carver can get something of value for very little money, so why not?

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Profit value

Wood carvings are not only for your own use but can also be sold on the market. Many carvers' works are very popular in the market. If the carver's work is aesthetically pleasing, some may turn wood carving into a business selling their work. Nowadays, there are many sales channels, online such as eBay, Shopee, Amazon, and independent sites. Offline there are street stalls, art exhibitions and other channels. If your wood carving is good enough, you can open a small wood carving store to sell your work.

The cost of carving is not that high

If you are a beginner only a set of knives will suffice. Many people will also have a engraving machine at home, which will be easier than carving by hand. Whichever tool you have, it will last a long time if you take care of it properly. You will also need wood for carving, which can be discarded trimmings or purchased directly from the wood market at a low cost.

Plenty of learning materials

You may think that wood carving is difficult to learn, but on the contrary, it is relatively easy to get started. It may take a long time to become a carving artist, but getting started in wooden carving and learning some basic techniques is quick. There is an abundance of information on learning wood carving. You can go to websites and see how bloggers wood carve, which is the most intuitive. You can also go to the library to find related books. You can also worship a wood carving master as a teacher, so that he can teach you professional wood carving knowledge and use professional carving tools.


Through the above several reasons you understand why the public how to love the craft of wood carving, are you also attracted by wood carving? Welcome to continue to pay attention to Lakimi, to share practical knowledge to you.