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The Secret of the Ring: Ways of Wearing and Personalized Expressions

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Speaking of rings we may not feel strange, but do you know how many ways to wear a ring? How to wear a ring can highlight their personality? Different fingers wear the ring has a different meaning? If you want to know, read this article with me!

Why do people wear rings?

Engraved Rings

1. marital relationship

The custom of wearing a ring when getting engaged or married has existed since ancient Roman times. By the late Middle Ages in Europe, the wearing of rings at weddings had become an essential part of the ceremony. And this ritual has continued to the present day. Therefore, the concept of "wedding rings" has always existed, and the influence on people is very far-reaching. For example, if someone is married and does not wear a ring, then some people will think that he or she is still single.

2. Emotional commitment

In fact, rings are not only worn only at weddings. Many couples in love also wear rings to show their expectations for their relationship and to vow to others that they value and hold on to that relationship.

3. Status Recognition

Rings of different price points can reveal a person's wealth. A long time ago, a person's social status could also be seen by looking at the rings they wore. For example, statuses such as royalty or nobility. In the old days in Europe, the Pope would often wear a stamp ring. For example, in the past, only the ruler could wear a gold ring. So the gold ring represents the supreme power to a certain extent.

4. Styling

As an everyday matching ring

In today's society, many people will make rings an important part of their outfit. A good looking ring can indeed add points to one's outfit. Moreover, one's preference for rings can largely reflect one's personal style. There are many styles of rings, such as small and exquisite, luxurious and noble, simple and atmospheric and so on.

What should I consider when choosing a ring?

1. balance

The balance referred to here means that the ring should present a complimentary effect to your finger. For example, if you have small hands, you won't want to wear a ring that is too large; if you have large hands, you won't want to wear a ring that is too thin, or too small.

2. Number of rings

 Generally speaking, it is safer to have no more than three wedding bands worn on each hand combined. If you want to choose stacked bands, you'd better choose some rings that are simpler in style, and the rings should preferably not have gemstones, which will look too complicated. And they should preferably be of similar colors. Imagine you wear gold, silver and rose gold rings that have different colors together at the same time, doesn't it look too good?

3. Choosing the color of your ring

Ring wearing is also about color matching. You can start by determining your skin color, whether it is yellowish or pale. If you have fair skin with visible veins on the back of your hands, then you are well suited to wear rings in cooler colors. Those who have yellowish skin would be better suited to wear rings with gold tones. Moreover, you can make a comprehensive assessment when choosing the color of your ring by referring to the color of the clothes or other accessories you are wearing on that day.

What are the ways to wear a ring?

1. Different symbols for left and right hands

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In Western society, a ring on the right hand means that you have a partner, while a ring on the left hand means that you are married. In Eastern Feng Shui, wearing rings on different fingers of the left and right hands also has different meanings. Generally speaking, in Eastern Feng Shui, the right hand is associated with reality (e.g. power, status, etc.), while the left hand is associated with the spiritual world (e.g. wishes, trust, etc.). To give a few examples, wearing a ring on the pinky of the left hand can act as a guardian. Then there is the ring finger, which we can be most familiar with. In the West, it is said that the heart is connected to a vein in the ring finger of the left hand. So wearing a ring on the ring finger of the left hand means that the heart is connected. But it doesn't seem to be as prevalent these days. You can wear a ring on either hand if you want. If you want to wear the ring on whichever hand you commonly use, you can choose a style that is easier and not so heavy.

2. Meaning of rings on different fingers

Wearing a ring on the thumb. Wearing a ring on the thumb can indicate a person's social status. Legend has it that Adam wore a ring on his thumb when he was shooting arrows. So wearing a ring on the thumb can indicate bravery and confidence. Moreover, wearing a ring on the thumb also indicates that one is "looking for a partner" and hopes to meet one's other half. In addition, when choosing a ring to wear on the thumb, men can choose a relatively thick ring, while women can choose a relatively thin style ring. As for why you should choose this way, it can probably be explained like this. A thicker style ring represents strength, while a thinner style ring represents independence.