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The Time-Honored Art of Handmade Wood Engraving

 Wood Engraving

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engraving is an innovative method. It has a long history and many categories, is an important part of the world traditional culture and art. Generations of craftsmen with a dedicated craftsman spirit, with exquisite skills, ingenious ideas and amazing creativity left numerous engraving boutique. Sculpture is an all-encompassing art, but also a display of artisan spirit. In real life, we most commonly have wood engraving, relief, jade engraving and so on. These works are varied in form and exquisite in shape, which can give people unlimited visual enjoyment of beauty and bring spiritual joy.

Among the many types of engraving, wood engraving is the most popular form of engraving. From the spiritual level, wood engraving is an important material cultural heritage in the world. An exquisite wooden handicraft is not only the art of the craftsman's knife work, but also a spiritual realm.

There are three kinds of common wood carvings, which are round carving, root carving and relief. Relief, as the name suggests, is to have a floating visual effect. Scatter perspective, disordered arrangement, feeling disordered and ordered. Looking at the ancient and modern times, creating a new high artistic conception of wood engraving art is a reasonable expression of the creator's aesthetic concept and ideological realm, and at the same time, it is also a summary of the creator's artistic height and the collection of life experience. The craftsman's ideological realm, deep feeling of life, keen observation, and subtle expression can be combined to create wood crafts that are both innovative and thought-provoking.

Wood engraving tool

The tools of wood engraving are mainly knives, including round knives, flat knives, oblique knives, triangular knives, etc. The auxiliary tools mainly include hammering, wood file, electric hand drill, air engraving machine, axe and so on. Each craftsman chooses his tools according to what he sculpts and his abilities. To judge a man's skill, one need only look at his tools. In the creation of wood engraving, the engraver's tools are fully available and skillfully used, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also give full play to their skills in modeling. This can make the knife marks of the engraving work fine and clear, increase the artistic expression of the work.

 Wood Engraving

Wood engraving material

Wood engravings are mostly made of wood. Some wood is soft, some rough. In my opinion, soft wood is generally easy to engrave, while rough wood is more difficult to engrave. Wood tough, fine texture and bright color called hardwood. This fine wood is the best material for engraving.

I think that the softer materials of wood are very suitable for beginners, such as basswood, pine wood and so on. This kind of wood is suitable for engraving simple structure and image of more specific works, engraving is easier. Unfortunately, due to its soft wood, the color of its material is weak, and sometimes it needs to be colored to increase the sense of quality. Some wood grain is more obvious and varied, you can skillfully use the texture of the material to make some more lyrical works.

Wood engraving technique

What is engraving? I think it is the art of the sculptor to design personalized patterns on the wood material according to his own preferences. Everyone can show their own personality and creativity in the material! Beginners may worry about whether they can master the art of engraving. I think it's pretty simple. To be precise, the technique of engraving is to engrave from the outside of the material to the inside of the material, and to express the details of the work by cutting and modifying it again and again. In this process, we can intuitively observe the shape change of the work. In addition, we can also experience a variety of different moods in the process of engraving, such as happy, nervous, worried, depressed and so on. At the same time, for novices, each engraving process is an opportunity to practice engraving skills and proficiency in technique of using knife. For veterans, each sculpting session is an opportunity to explore new techniques and improve their artistry of wielding the knife.

Therefore, I think the creation process of wood engraving is a dynamic and meaningful process. Novices may want to achieve superb sculpting effects. Don't hurry! As long as you practice and trial and error, you will be able to achieve the sculpting effect on the surface of those collections. It's like when you go to a gallery and you find a painting you really like, and you want to imitate it and copy it. But you'll soon find that no matter how hard you try, you can't copy exactly what you see in the gallery. The same is true of the sculpting process, you can not always copy other people's work and engraving skills. You can create some sculpting techniques yourself. Only if you can master the most basic engraving skills, coupled with continuous practice to accumulate experience, you will be able to achieve your own unique engraving skills.

Wood Engraving

Wood engraving spirit

Wood engraving is built on the basis of careful tempering, from life above life, there will be high-quality creation. Creating scenery and feeling in the natural play of wood engraving skills, in order to harmony and nature without losing the innovation of The Times. It is absolutely undesirable for artistic creation to unilaterally pursue a clever and novel art form. The truth of art is that there are no shortcuts. Only for the effect of special effects, have a good mind and no intention to create the palace of darkness, aesthetic loss, the final calculation is not good. The engraver who has rich life experience also has careful and prudent artistic thoughts and rich and varied creative experience.

The idea of wood engraving art is to adapt to local conditions, not to see its static scenery, but not to see its moving scene. Innovation on the basis of inheritance is often the best inheritance, which can play a finishing touch and an ingenious embellishment effect. To create a piece of good work, only learn from others, hard work. Experienced sculptors will transform a single, narrow vision into a broad and broad thought, and try to innovate on the basis of traditional culture in a more open and realistic cultural background, so that wood engraving, a national treasure and intangible cultural heritage flower, will be displayed in the world's art forest.