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Why do rings represent love?

Why do rings represent love

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In modern society, whether it is the West or the East, I do not know when the ring is a symbol of love became a global consensus of nearly nearly the same. When did the ring first appear? Was the ring made for love in the first place? These questions have never been definitively answered. Instead, a number of interesting points of view have emerged.

The origin of the ring

The origin of the ring is a very interesting topic, the Chinese and Western countries have records about the ring, the specific origin of where can not be investigated, China as early as 2,000 years ago in the Qin and Han Dynasty has appeared, but the first ring does not have a clear name, but also in the continuous development of history to give the ring a different meaning. Therefore, it is not true that the ring was always meant to represent love, but the meaning of the ring has changed over the course of time.

Even today, it is still popular to have different meanings for each finger. In addition to China, there are also legends about the origin of the ring in ancient Egypt and Greece. Coincidentally, although it is not certain why the ring appeared in the West at that time, what did it represent at that time? It is interesting to note that the word "beloved" was already found on rings in Ancient Greece in 400 BC. More than 2,000 years ago in ancient times, when transportation was undeveloped, rings appeared in both China and the West, and both had a layer of meaning that represented love.

Why do rings represent love

Various hypotheses about the origin of the ring

  1. A long time ago, tribes needed to steal marriages from rival tribes in order to produce offspring and bring the stolen women back to their own tribes.In order to prevent the snatched women from escaping and to declare their right to belong to the tribe, the women were put in chains. Over time, this barbaric method of bride kidnapping was slowly phased out, men and women became more and more equal, and the yoke evolved into a ring for engagement and marriage.
  2. It is said that more than 3,000 years ago, the rulers of ancient Greece in order to every day on behalf of the powerful and noble tokens on the body, in order to show identity. It turned out to be too much trouble with the seal, so someone thought of a way to change the seal into a ring to wear on the finger, with the continuous development of the times, people also gradually found that wearing a ring on the hand is very beautiful, slowly evolved into a kind of jewelry for women.
  3. The ring originated from the ancient worship of the sun, people will make jade into a ring, shaped like the sun god's sun wheel, the ring symbolizes the sun, wear a ring can be sheltered by the sun, can be safe and happy. When getting married, the groom usually wears a gold ring, which represents the red-hot sun, and the bride wears a silver ring, which symbolizes being as white and flawless as the moon.

The examples given here are only three of the very many hypotheses, and it is impossible to prove which one is true, but it is certain that no matter which hypothesis, it has played a more or less important role in the development of ring culture.

The Meaning of Rings on Different Fingers

The more dominant international view is that diamond rings are generally not worn on the thumb, while if the ring is worn on the index finger it means that you are trying to tell someone that you are not married at the moment, but you want to get married. When you wear a ring on your middle finger, it's the same as telling people that you're not married, but you're in love. A ring on the ring finger means that you are engaged or married, and this is by far the most popular way to wear a ring, with acceptance almost all over the world. Another one is the pinky, but you wear a ring on your pinky to indicate that you are currently single or in a divorce.

What is said here is just one of the more widely accepted meanings, but of course it is possible that it may be different in different areas. There are also very many people who wear rings just as a decoration without any meaning. Different fingers wear rings with different meanings is not a modern day only appeared, in ancient Greece and even rings worn on the left and right hands have different meanings. The ring on the left hand represents marriage, where the index finger represents unmarried, the middle finger represents engaged, and the ring finger represents married. Right hand ring wear on behalf of love, which the index finger on behalf of single, the middle finger on behalf of being in love, have a favorite person, the ring finger is more special and is divided into two meanings, refers to the hot love or on behalf of the possession of the nuns heart, the pinky thumb on behalf of do not want to fall in love and do not want to get married.

Engraving Rings with Pneumatic Engraving Machines

With industrialization, technology is constantly updated and iterated. More and more handmade products are replaced by machines, as machines are able to mass produce, which includes the engraving and making of rings. But the more advanced the technology, but instead more people like to like the hand-carved production of the ring, through the carver with a pneumatic engraving machine carved out of the ring. Because the hand-carved ring is unique and has a higher human value.

Material of the ring

There are very many materials that can be used to make rings, commonly metal, jade, and even wood. One of the more popular ring making techniques is to use metal to make the ring, and inlay diamonds and various colors of jade on the surface.