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  • rings

    Beginner's Guide to Metal Casting

    Metal casting has been around for more than seven thousand years since it was invented. There are many uses for metal casting, besides being used to make different metal parts, it...

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  • Wax moulds

    Lost Wax Casting Method for Jewelry Making

    Lost wax casting is one of the oldest known metal casting techniques, having been practiced for approximately 6,000 years. Lost wax casting is simply the process of creating a wax...

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  • gold ring

    Ring Wearing and Meaning

    Nowadays, the ring has become a lot of people like to wear jewelry, so you know how much about the ring wear? As well as, do you know, different rings...

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  • puppeteer

    How to Make Your Own Cute Little Puppet

    Doesn't the puppet figurine in the picture look really cute? If you are a craft lover and happen to be interested in making the puppet figurine on the picture read...

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  • fabrics

    What Are the Common Ways to Identify Textile Fibers?

    With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, textile technology is also constantly updated and iterative, more and more materials can be used in the textile process. Since...

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  • gold necklace

    The Forgotten Art of Gold Craftsmanship

    Throughout history, we find that gold craft was one of the most beloved crafts throughout the sixteenth century. Much of the reason why gold craft has developed in so many...

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  • Gold Jewelry

    What Is Metal Laser Engraving?

    As a symbol of the development of human civilization, metal has witnessed the tremendous progress of mankind from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. And the metal itself has...

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  • wooden spoon

    Reasons Why People Choose Woodcarving as a Hobby

    You must have heard what carved wood is, or maybe you have seen videos of people woodcarving and want to try your hand at it. Woodcarving refers to the process of...

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