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How to pick a ring as a gift?


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Rings are a very classic gift-giving choice, and often many people think of sending all kinds of beautiful jewelry for friends' birthdays, special holidays, parents, objects and other scenarios, especially for gifts for women, and rings are a great choice. In fact, not everyone is suitable to send the same kind of ring, how to pick the right ring for the right person?

Pick according to gender

You can imagine the strange scene if a man wears a more feminine ring. Obviously picking the right ring according to different genders is a necessary thing, so how to pick the right ring according to gender? As men's palms are usually wider, so men are generally more suitable for wearing a regular ring are wider plain ring, do not have too fancy inlays, pay more attention to the stability of the temperament and taste, of course, can also be based on the preferences of the choice, while women's fingers are generally more slender, so it is more suitable for fine and small rings, which can make the finger look more slender, and it is more suitable for inlaying some colorful jade or jewelry, which can make the girl wearing it look more attention.

According to the special hand-engraved

Rings are a great piece of jewelry for handmade pneumatic engraving, and a very large number of people like to engrave specific names, words, and the like on their rings. It can be the name of the person or the name of an important person such as a parent. In ancient Europe, family symbols were also engraved on rings, as well as words related to religious beliefs, such as prayers, and not only in ancient times, but nowadays there are also many societies that customize the engraving of rings with the same symbols, which are given to each member of the society as a souvenir or to show their identity.

Different inlays

Emeralds, which, according to legend, were offered to the goddess Venus by the ancient Babylonians more than 6,000 years ago, symbolizing wealth and fidelity.

Sapphire, here is a point to note: sapphire does not mean blue gemstones, mainly refers to corundum crystals, including corundum crystals with a variety of colors of green, yellow and purple are sapphire, so from time to time we can hear there are yellow sapphire, green sapphire called. Sapphires represent autumn and are said to keep evil away if worn, and in the 12th century they were once set in church scepters.

Ruby, which is said to represent love, is called the stone of love. Wearing a ruby ring can lead to happiness and love.

Pearls, which were used to signify a June birthdate, can also signify a 12th wedding anniversary. The first pearls to be made into jewelry were in China, and then in the Middle Ages they were introduced to Rome and for a time were used as a gemstone for royalty.


Selection according to different hand sizes

People with wide palms need to avoid choosing tiny rings that will create a contrast and make the fingers look even bigger, which will make the whole person's temperament look very clumsy, so you can choose something that is relatively medium in size.

The palm of a petite person, compared to the finger thicker people can choose a relatively small fine ring, appearing hand beautiful and lovely, at the same time need to pay attention to is the hand small people are not suitable for a one-time wear too many rings, it is best not to wear more than two at a time.

Finger joints obvious people, you can try to wear some irregular shape of the ring, such as "v" ring, more pointed section towards the palm of the hand, which can cause a visual modification of the hand shape, so that the hand looks longer.

People with darker skin need to pay more attention to the color combination, as far as possible, do not choose green tone ring, such as green color bright gemstone or jade ring, will show the dark skin more obvious. So you should try to choose warm color rings, such as red and yellow tone gemstone rings, which can make the hand look more harmonious, and the contrast with the black skin will not be particularly strong.

Special Scenarios

1. Wedding

Each country or region may have their own special requirements for wedding rings, also related to culture as well as popularity, the groom's ring is usually chosen gold ring, gold ring is very texture shine, almost all skin can be adapted. There is also no need to worry about skin allergies, and it is chemically very stable, making it suitable for long periods of wear. If you think it is too bright and too high-profile, you can sandblast it, but also more senior sense. Brides usually choose silver, platinum is more appropriate, you can set a variety of gemstones on it, the more popular is inlaid diamonds, diamonds symbolize eternal love.


The ring as a gift to give people, we can according to the object of the gift specific selection, to give the younger girls can pick cute a little ring, to give friends can choose fancy and interesting ring.

Now more and more people will choose their own manual DIY ring to send people, which will be an irreplaceable gift, very meaningful, you can buy a pneumatic engraving machine through the DIY jewelry studio or individuals home to carve their own.

Pick according to character

A heart-shaped ring indicates a rich imagination. A square ring represents calmness and prudence. A round ring indicates quietness and kindness.


Although different possible rings are suitable for different people and scenarios, no matter what kind of ring you pick there is no right or wrong, the most important first point is still like. As long as the wearer of the ring likes the ring, that is the right ring, I hope everyone can choose to have their own suitable ring.